2i PDE - Process Data Acquisition

Quality assurance in the injection moulding

2i PDE acquires the process data, which are available at the master computer interface of a machine. The Application additionally informs about the current status of the connected machines. All resulting data are stored in a standard format (CSV), so that an application e.g. MS Excel can be used for the creation of lists and for flexible evaluation.

For the increase of the reliability a industrialsuited PC system under Windows NT with reflected hard disk can be used. The automatical archiving of the logged data takes place alternatively on volume, on a directory in the network or e.g. on CD.

Each 2i PDE system is supplied alternatively with qualified, industrialsuited hardware. This consists of a industrialsuited PC with 2 hard disks, monitor, keyboard, mouse and optional network connection, DAT Streamer or CD Writer. Alternatively a standard PC can be used.