Products & Services

The 2i spectrum of expertise comprises services and products for industry, web design and also the implementation of system solutions based on Internet/Intranet technologies.

Industrial automation

In addition to product development for our customers 2i makes available the following products; most of which are core or concept products out of which individual customized customer specific products can be tailored.


Software framework for the implementation of operator panels and process visualizations.

2i MDA - Machine Data Acquisition
Acquisition, documentation and archivation of machine data.

2i APC
Acquisition of process data of manufacturing cells.

2i PDE - Quality Assurance
Ascertainment, documentation and archiving of process data.

2i LR
Control center for injection moulding machines.


CNC Controls
Development of Position and Movement Control Systems.

Control consoles and operation terminals
Development of production and console systems such as machine server terminals.

Engineering services
Engineering Services in automation such as system integration and project development.


Constantly increasing needs such as security, integration and distribution require modern concepts in the planing and implementation of applications. In addition to years of experience with object oriented concepts in the planing and implementation of software projects, 2i offers the whole spectrum of modern software technologies.

Multi-Tiered applications
Development of fully multi-tiered applications.

Implementation of thin clients, such as Java applets or ActiveX controls in web browsers.

Use of middleware, such as CORBA or COM technologies between client and application server.

Your entrance into the Internet

We offer creation and maintenance of business or private internet presences together with comprehensive consultation and service support.

Complete solutions
The cost effective, complete and professional solution including all services.

Individual solutions
For internet solutions where every detail represents your company and its corporate identity.

Internet Site Revision, Maintenance and Support
We offer a solid update of your internet presence with all the possible enhancements to technological and design tools available.